Brief Citation of  James O Akanmu, PhD, FNSE, FNICE

He holds a doctoral degree in Civil Engineering and  has been a faculty member in the Civil and Environmental Engineering of the University of Lagos for about two decades.

He was at the Bureau of Public Procurement as the Director/Head of Research, Training & Strategic Planning while on  sabbatical leave and later on leave of absence from the University of Lagos.

He served as the lead person in reviewing of major projects from Federal Government Procuring entities, developed the Procurement training modules for the Bureau and  served in  different stakeholders meeting of the World Bank, UNDP, UNODC among others. Actively involved in procurement policy formulation and implementation process

Dr Akanmu is a lead resource person on public procurement to several procuring entities of Federal government. He has also served in the same capacity for some states of the Federation.


Service to NSE

He had served his profession in different capacity as Chairman of Nigeria Society of Engineers, Lagos branch, (2003-2004);  Council Member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Currently a member Board of Trustee of Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers and a member of the Board of Fellows of Nigerian Society of Engineers.


Service to Government and Larger Society

Dr Akanmu served in the Ethics and Anticorruption Committee of the World Federation of Engineering Organisation (WFEO). He has served as Faculty member on Corruption Risk Assessment programme of the United Nations, reviewed and evaluate Public Procurement Process at the Federal and State governments level. He is an ardent believer in following the required due process to achieve any goal.

He served in several teams and committee set up by Federal government on assessment of major projects executed by Federal government procuring entities and state governments.

He has lead several public procurement audit team for the Bureau of Public Procurement, Abuja

He has no patience for lethargy and his puritanical drives are not least reflected in the handling of public and community service issues as they are guided by the virtues of prudence founded on the best value-for-money and the abhorrence of waste.


As a stickler for principles, purist and one who subscribes to high moral and religious values, he has crossed the paths of many, but remains justified that he is doing the right thing, no matter whose ox is gored. He authored books and has published several papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences locally and internationally.

Currently he heads the Procurement Unit of the University of Lagos couples with his academic work in the University.