Engr. Mr. Lola Adetona, NICE Lagos State Chapter Chairman since 2018, brings a commendable drive for professional excellence and safety in the Civil Engineering environment. She has been in Civil Engineering practice for close to two decades. Her passion to make a positive difference in the profession has been brought to bare in her tenure as state chairman. This has led to the formation of innovative continuous professional development Channels  such as the NICE Lagos Telegram platform, Free Structural Engineering Training for young Engineers, just to mention a few. Her innovative leadership has not gone unnoticed as shown in the numerous awards she has garnered with her tenure as State Chairman..

Our CHAIRMAN in brief



Family Status:

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Bachelor of Engineering, Civil


Gym, Jogging, Humanitarian Activities


Questions and Answers

We asked Engr. Lola Adetona What she thinks about the following topics?

What inspires you?

“What inspires me the most is the impact NICE is having on the lives of Civil Engineers in Lagos state, both from the professional and to some extent on their professional lives”

What are your views on Civil Engineering best practices and innovation?

“I am  firm believer in prompt delivery of quality infrastructure projects through maximum exploitation of current technologies. This is why we leave not stone unturned in bringing modern Civil Engineering materials and technologies to our members.”

What makes you proud?

“We are seeing a massive reawakening of the Civil Engineering profession in Nigeria with more Engineers going into the political space. This has given the Engineering Family more clout in the government policy making space. a key dividend of this reawakening is the Executive order 5 just signed into Law by Mr. President, Mohammadu Buhari. This truly makes me proud and filled with optimism that the future of Nigeria is brighter than ever with Engineers in general and Civil Engineers in particular being major players in the Nations infrastructural Project delivery Matrix.”

How do you cope with stress?

” I go to the Gym, Jog, spend quality time with my Family”

What is your advice in coping with professional challenges in Civil Engineering Practice?

“Do the little things right, the big ones will take care of themselves”