Engr Emeka Ibeh

Engr. Emeka Benson Ibeh is the current Chapter Chairman. He earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree, B.Eng. in Civil Engineering from Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) and a Diploma in Computer Literacy from Teknix Institute of Computer studies Enugu State. He is a corporate member of NSE, a Chartered Engineer under COREN and Member of The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He has worked mostly in the private building construction industry and now CEO of Celmar Technologies Limited, a building Project Management Company in Lagos, Nigeria

Our CHAIRMAN in brief

Nationality: Nigerian

Education: Bachelor of Engineering, Civil

Family Status: Married

Leisure Time: Gym, Jogging, Electronics Hobbyist

Professional Affiliation: NSE, COREN, ASCE


Questions and Answers

We asked Engr. Emeka Ibeh what she thinks about the following topics?

What inspires you?

“I draw inspirations from the good that engineering innovation has brought to our lives as Citizen of the earth; the Civil Engineer is a key contributor to the growth of any society and I remain exited to be positive part of this growth”

What are your views on Civil Engineering best practices and innovation?

“I am  firm believer in prompt delivery of quality infrastructure projects through maximum exploitation of current technologies. This is why we leave not stone unturned in bringing modern Civil Engineering materials and technologies to our members.”

What makes you proud?

“Engineering practice and Engineering education are now given their rightful place in government policies in Nigeria. The Nigerian Engineer in general is now taking greater responsibility in critical decision making within government as some are now Governors and ministers in the country. These and other beneficial developments will continue to move Nigeria closer to solving its infrastructure deficits”

How do you cope with stress?

” I undertake electronics DIY hobby projects, Gym and Jog “

What is your advice in coping with professional challenges in Civil Engineering Practice?

“Be under the guidance of a good mentor.”