What are the Benefits of being a member of NICE-LC?

The Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, Lagos Chapter (NICE-LC), is poised to deliver on the NICE National vision and mission statements. This she has consistently done by spearheading innovative solutions to enable her esteemed members to grow in their career. As a member of NICE-LC registered with NICE National, with up-to-date subscriptions and registered on this site, you have access to:

  1. All the continuous professional development (CPD) resources on this site
  2. All Technical presentation events organised by NICE-LC
  3. All Workshops organised by NICE-LC
  4. All Industrial visits organised by NICE-LC
  5. Free and Low cost quality Training organised in partnership with industry experts.
  6. updates on Local and International Engineering Conferences
  7. Access to NICE-LC e-Library
  8. Access to NICE-LC e-Learning platforms (Telegram and Zoom)
  9. Access to all NICE-LC public lectures
  10. Archive content from past Technical Sessions.
  11. etc.

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